Instructions for Gifting Stock to HOV

Thank you for deciding to make a gift of stock to Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter!
Following is the information you’ll need to make your gift efficiently.
Please authorize your broker to transfer stock as follows:
HOV Brokerage firm: DA Davidson
DTC Number 0361
Name of Account: Heart of the Valley Gifting Account
Account Number: 62215781
** Our contact at DA Davidson is Jim Webster, (406) 587-5461

Please provide the following information to Heart of the Valley to assist us in acknowledging your gift:
*Your name and mailing address
*Name of stock and number of shares
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact:
Marla Caulk
Executive Director
Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter
(406) 388-9399 ext. 203
Thank you again. Your generosity means the world to us-dogs, cats, and humans!—at Heart of the Valley.


Contact Marla for more information:

Email:  •  or call:406.388-9399 ex 203.

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