Owner Surrender

Do you need to surrender an animal to us?

Deciding to surrender your pet can be very emotional and difficult for both you and your pet. Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter would like to make that decision and the surrender process as easy as possible.  If we can help you find a way for your pet to remain a member of your family that is our first priority.  But if that’s not possible, we want you to know that we are happy to receive your animal.

Alternate Options

Behavioral Issues

If the reason for your possible surrender is a behavior issue we recommend you consider the following information:

  • Spaying or neutering can have a dramatic impact on a pet’s behavior. Please check with your veterinarian to see if this is an option you may want to try before surrendering your animal.
  • There are many helpful hints on line. The internet can be a convenient source of information in a wide range of subject matter. Look at several sites before deciding which method of training will fit your life and concerns. Not every method works the first time so give it a chance. Try different methods. There is a lot of information out there. Check out our training and behavior pages under Pet Resources.
  • Consult with an animal behaviorist, dog trainer or obedience school. Many of these classes and consultations are very inexpensive and yet have produced amazing results.
  • Discuss the problem with your vet. Your vet may be able to suggest a training method or even a medication to eliminate the problem.


If the reason for your possible surrender of this pet is that you are relocating or moving, we recommend you consider the following information:

  • Finding housing that allows pets can sometimes be frustrating and costly. Try searching in local papers, online, or check with a local realtor. Asking for suggestions from a realtor does not mean you have to sign a contract. Most of these people live in the community and can be wonderful helpful neighbors.
  • Plan ahead and begin looking for housing that accepts pets as soon as you know you will be moving. Taking your time allows you more of a chance to consider your options. Your pet will thank you and you will find how easy it can be to move with your animal.

Surrendering Your Animal

When all else has been considered and you believe that surrendering your animal is the best option for you and your pet, we will happily accept your animal into our care.

Heart of the Valley is an open-door shelter. We open our doors willingly to accept any dog or cat surrendered. There is no fee for surrenders, but we encourage you to make a donation that will help to cover the cost of caring for your pet until a new home can be found.  The average cost for care and housing per animal is $450. Your donation is tax deductible.

Heart of the Valley does not euthanize animals for space or time reasons, but every animal must pass a behavioral and medical evaluation in order to be put up for adoption. Every reasonable effort will be made to find a suitable home or placement for each animal. Animals with medical or behavioral problems that are treatable with reasonable effort and resources will receive necessary care to improve their adoptability and place them in appropriate homes. Animals deemed unadoptable are humanely euthanized.

When you surrender your animal, we ask you to fill out a form to provide as much information as possible to assist us in re-homing your pet. We also ask that you bring any medical records you may have. Please have this form completed when you bring your pet to us.

Cats – Owner Surrender Form

Dogs – Owner Surrender Form

When you surrender your animal to HOV, you relinquish the right to obtain further information on the disposition of the animal.  Upon surrender, you will speak directly with an Animal Care Specialist and will be able to ask any and all questions you may have.