I lost my pet

If you have lost an animal:


Step 1. Call the shelter at (406) 388-9399, ext. 201 right away to report that your pet is missing. Please don’t wait. Here is a copy of the Lost Pet Report [PDF] you can have ready when you call or come in to the shelter.

We want to see you reunited with your pet as soon as possible.  After 120 hours in the shelter, pets become the property of Heart of the Valley and will be available for adoption.  We are unable to call adoptees of unclaimed strays if an owner comes searching after the adoption has been completed.  Email photos of your pet to frontdesk@heartofthevalleyshelter.org, or fax photos to (406) 388-2877.  The photos help us identify your pet and facilitate a fast reunion.

If you reach the shelter outside of open hours 11:30am-5:30pm daily, leave a message at (406) 388-9399 ext. 201 with a detailed animal description, your name, contact information, and the area the animal went missing and we will start a lost report for you.

Step 2. Go to the shelter every day to look at all the animals.  You will be able to walk through our animal rooms to see if your animal has come in as a stray.  When you arrive at the shelter, speak to a customer service representative and indicate you would like to have a “walk through”, and update your lost animal report with additional numbers or information.  If you have not yet completed a lost report, please take the time to do so.

Step 3. Call the Bozeman Daily Chronicle @ 582-2600. They will run a 7-day ad at no charge.

Step 4. Post a flyer with a picture of your pet, if possible, at PetSmart and businesses in your area.

Please notify us when your pet is found. Not only does this help with the updating of the animal’s file but we’d like to hear the good news!

Helpful Hints

  • PLEASE microchip your animal. Most microchips are read easily and we can call you quickly to get your pet home safely. Click here for more information on microchipping your pet .
  • Get an I.D. tag for your pet’s collar and keep the information current.
  • Make sure that you know and comply with your local animal control laws.Click here for more information on local animal laws.
  • Check for any escape routes in your fencing or kennel areas.
  • Make sure the dog has “busy toys” if you are gone for any length of time and that he gets sufficient time and exercise with you.
  • Call us at the shelter for further assistance.