I found a pet

If you have found an animal:

Step 1: If possible, provide a safe, secure place for the animal to be while you contact police, animal control or the shelter. Do not wait a few days to see if the animal finds its way home, as it is at risk and could be injured in an unfamiliar environment.

Step 2: Please call City or County Animal Control for assistance.

  • Bozeman Animal Control – (406) 582-2000 ext. 2.
  • Gallatin County Animal Control: (406) 582-2000 ext. 2.
  • Belgrade Animal Control: (406) 388-4262.
  • Madison County Sheriff’s Office: (406) 843-5301
  • West Yellowstone Animal Control: (406) 646-7600

Step 3: Call the shelter:  (406) 388-9399 ext. 201.  If you have a way to contain the animal and want to keep it at your house, we will take a “found” report and have the owner call you directly to pick up the animal. Click here for a copy of the Found Report [PDF].

Step 4: Call the Bozeman Daily Chronicle at (406) 587-4491 and place a free 7 day “found” ad with the Classified Department.

Step 5: Post “found pet” flyers at convenience stores, on telephone poles and in grocery stores.

Step 6: If you find the pet’s owner, please let us know.


Good luck! If we can assist in any way, please call us at (406) 388-9399.