Community Room Rental

“Spot’s Community Room”

Rental Guidelines

Procedure for Hourly Room Rental

  • Please call Heart of the Valley at (406) 388-9399, ext. 223, for information on room availability.
  • Room rental payments must be received 3 days in advance of rental date.
  • Tables and chairs are available for use if necessary and are located in Spot’s Community Room.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside the building of Heart of the Valley.
  • Heart of the Valley will not provide any food, drinks, or transportation for the event.


Rental Periods

  1. Rooms are rented in one hour increments only. Portions of an hour count as an hour. Heart of the Valley closes at 5:30 p.m., at which time all guests will be limited to Spot’s Community Room area until the end of the contracted event when Spot’s Community Room must be vacated of all guests.

Rental Space/Equipment

  1. Tables and chairs are available in the hallway located outside of Spot’s Community Room. If Heart of the Valley Staff is contracted to set up furniture or if furniture has not been returned to its proper storage at the conclusion of the event/meeting, an additional $15 fee will be assessed.
  2. There is a small kitchen available adjacent to Spot’s Community Room.
  3. Renters must clear the room of all belongings, furniture, and people so the room is available on the half hour for the next renters.
  4. Please do not use tacks, nails, or staples on the walls.
  5. If the room is not left in satisfactory condition, there is damage done to the building, or Heart of the Valley equipment, a minimum charge of $100 will automatically be levied.


  1. Space is reserved when a rental agreement has been signed and payment has been made.
  2. Payment must be made 3 days prior to event/meeting.
  3. Payment must be in the form of cash, check, or credit card. A $15 fee will be charged for all returned checks. Receipts will be provided to renter.
  4. Credit card number must be included on reservation form to cover any potential damage to the room or furniture. Card will not be charged if room is left in satisfactory condition.


  1. Notice of cancelation must be given in writing at least 1 week (7 days) in advance of the date reserved.
  2. With proper notice of cancelation, a refund may be made.
  3. Allow two weeks for refund processing.

Heart of the Valley Building Policies

  1. Heart of the Valley is not responsible for items lost or stolen from the Shelter premises and grounds. Check with the front desk regarding lost and found items.
  2. Renter shall be responsible for compliance with all rules and regulations governing use of Spot’s Community Room, and for any and all damage to the building, equipment, or grounds, and agrees to clean up the premises after each use and to the premises in good order and repair.
  3. Heart of the Valley Animal Shelter shall not be responsible for injury or damage to persons or property occurring during, or arising out of occupancy and use of the building or grounds by the renter. The renter agrees to hold Heart of the Valley harmless from liability on account of any injury or damage arising out of such use.
  4. Children must be supervised by a parent or responsible adult at all times. Children cannot be unaccompanied in the building or on the grounds at any time.
Community Room Rental Request
Credit Card
(Credit card number must be included on reservation form to cover any potential damage to the room or the furniture. Card will not be charged if room is left in satisfactory condition.)